“When my wife signed us up with Jak’d Nutrition I’ll admit I was very skeptical but figured I would at least commit to one month of it before moving on. The plan that Jeff developed for me was actually quite simple to follow with lots of options for meals. Within the first two weeks the weight was starting to come off and by the end of the program I had lost 30lbs. During this time I never felt hungry or deprived and had way more energy than previously. Jeff’s program has now become my eating lifestyle, I’m easily maintaining my weight while still enjoying great meals!” – Paul G.



My name is Jeff Winger and I am the owner of Jak'd Nutrition & Fitness.   I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and I received my certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) back in 2012.   My passion runs deep for health and fitness and I live and breath nutrition.  I love helping my clients through the struggles and challenges that every day life presents, and feel strongly that with the right coaching and guidance everyone can improve their lifestyles through proper nutrition and fitness and achieve their goals.   The approach I take with my clients is to always focus on their health first and foremost.  There is no need to go on restrictive fad diets that leave you hungry, unhealthy and uneducated.  Through proper nutrition coaching and a well planned exercise program, you too can achieve a healthy enjoyable lifestyle that allows you to reach your goals.  We will provide you with the tools and understanding of what it takes to achieve a healthy body composition so that you can make healthy choices and be confident that they work, whatever your goals may be.  Whether wanting to simply learn to eat healthier, build muscle, focus on fat loss or train for a competition,  Jak'd Nutrition & Fitness can help you get there.