Bikini, Fitness, Figure & Body Building Meal Plans

​Thinking of competing in a bikini or fitness/ figure show?  Nutrition is a key component to ensure you are stage ready.  Jak'd Nutrition has coached many clients on their nutrition and provided competition meal plans.  Using nutrient analysis software, we'll ensure that you have adequate amounts of protein, carbs and fats while tracking many other important vitamins and minerals important to ensure you stay healthy on the road to your competition date.  Close one on one in person coaching, guidance and assessments every week to two weeks along the way. 

Sport Specific Nutrition

​Nutrition for performance is extremely important and can give you the competitive edge.  Specific sports require a different approach when it comes to nutrition.  Hockey, sprinting, long distance running etc, each have their own set of energy requirements.  If not adequately fuelled performance can suffer and energy may not be readily available when needed.  Let Jak'd help design a specific performance nutrition plan to help give you the competitive edge.

Jak'd 6 Month Nutritional Guidance Plan

​-Free initial consult to sign up
- Nutrition plan set up
-One on one in person consultation to review the  plan – 1 ½ hours
-Communication and follow up via email/text/phone/skype etc for 6 months

Price - $450.00 +GST

Jak'd 6 Month Nutritional Guidance Plan with bi-weekly in person assessments

-Free initial consult to sign up
- Nutrition plan set up
-One on one in person consultation to review the  plan – 1 ½ hours
-Communication and follow up via email/text/phone/skype etc for 6 months
-1/2 hour one on one in person bi-weekly assessments (performed by Jak’d – Includes measurements, weigh in and pictures)

Price - $690.00 + GST

Jak'd Nutrition & Fitness Pricing

Weight Loss

​Do you struggle with losing weight or are you confused about how to do it?  You are not alone.   The internet is full of nutrition advice both good and bad.  Trying to decipher which approach to take is a stressful daunting task.  Jak'd Nutrition & Fitness Specializes in weight loss.  Let us help take away the stress for you.  Our tried and true approach to healthy eating will allow you to lose the weight you've always wanted to lose while continuing to eat healthy nutritious food often.  Losing weight does not have to be a dreadful task.   Through proper coaching and guidance you'll not only lose the weight, but become educated on healthy eating habits that you can continue to follow for the rest of your life,  without having to diet. 

Jak'd Competition Plans

Thinking of competing in a bikini, fitness, figure or bodybuilding competition?   Jak'd Nutrition will design your custom nutrition plan tailored just for you.  Through very close monitoring and follow up,  we'll ensure you are stage ready taking the #1 stress out of the equation for you...... NUTRITION.  Each competition plan includes the following:

​- Nutrition plan using Nutritional Analysis software tracking everything from Protein, Carbs, Fats, Fibre, Sugar, Vitamins, Minerals etc.

-  In person weekly and/or bi-weekly assessments including measurements 

-  Adjust nutrition plan as required throughout the entire duration ensuring you stay on track.  Also includes final week (Peak Week) plan complete with Carb Deplete / Carb Load as required and water cut.

-  Day of show Nutrition Coaching  and show attendance – Show ticket purchased by Jak’d  (Local shows only – Otherwise Travel and accommodation charges  will apply if attendance is requested)

-  Daily Client support via email / messaging - as required throughout the duration. 

- Prices are as follows:

- 3 Months Out from Competition                           $880.00

- 4 Months Out from Competition                           $1039.00

- 5 Months Out from Competition                           $1155.00

Weight Gain / Building muscle

For people that struggle to gain weight and/or build muscle, lack of proper nutrition could be hindering you from reaching your goals.  Jak'd can coach and guide you through what's required to ensure you build the muscle you desire and get the results you want. 

Nutrition during pregnancy

​What should you eat during pregnancy?   You are after all eating for two.  What you eat and how much you eat are important factors to ensure a healthy pregnancy for yourself and for baby.  We can set up a healthy eating plan for you to ensure you get the nutrients you and baby need and as recommended by your doctor.   Our nutrient analysis software can track your vitamins, minerals, sugar and any other nutrients you will require.